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Ingage – Digilab


DigiLab is an initiative that we brought to life in order to create a limitless area for you to thrive in your dream job and be a significant part of the digital world. Becoming a “Digilaber” you will take the first step to make your dreams come true within a comprehensive training schedule that is tailor made for you and your colleagues; you will learn something new every day and experience the current practices in the sector.

Our aim is for you to develop a 360° perspective in the industry by learning the fundamental processes in various business verticals, while specializing in-depth in your chosen department. You can review the strategies and tasks you will undertake in each department below. Choose the area that excites you!

Departments and Job Descriptions:

Client Success:

We are responsible for the daily workflow of media operations within the organization. With this responsibility, we ensure the customer experience team and the service provided to the customer meet the expected level of customer operations. We lead daily interactions with customers and the customer experience team, managing customer performance improvement operations, ensuring all advertisements perform according to customer targets, and handling daily management and development.

Job Description:

• Using Google Ads, Facebook Ads programs,

• Monitoring customer budget,

• Being responsible for managing the daily and strategic expectations of the customer,

• Creating media briefs,

• Campaign optimization processes.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence:

We take on the responsibility of analyzing and reporting data collected from various platforms within our company/brands by consolidating it in a single center. We collect, clean, and analyze data using Google’s GTM, GA4, Cloud, BigQuery, and Looker Studio products. Our goal is to help our company/clients make strategic decisions by extracting meaningful insights from their data.

Job Description:

• Data collection, cleaning, analysis, and reporting,

• Visualizing data to create understandable and useful reports,

• Actively participating in projects,

• Gaining experience with platforms such as Manager, Google Analytics, Firebase, Looker Studio, Big Query.


Within the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Management, we carry out activities to increase the organic visibility of projects (online assets) on search engines. To enhance organic visibility, we create a 360° strategy in On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO areas, and conduct a series of activities to make our brands industry leaders on the organic side following this strategy.

Job Description:

• Content optimizations specific to On-Page SEO,

• Detailed keyword analysis and competitor analysis,

• Technical audits and error reporting specific to Technical SEO,

• Backlink analysis specific to Off-Page SEO for brands.

Performance Excellence and Programmatic:

As the Performance Excellence department, we analyze campaigns on performance platforms within our company/brands, check their compliance within the best practices we have identified, and provide guidance to the team responsible for the setup. We also meet the training needs in the field of performance advertising, create and track our annual business plans with our performance partners. Our goal is to provide maximum efficiency and minimum cost with the specified quality standards for our customers in the campaigns they carry out.

Job Description:

•Experience with Google Ads, Meta Business Manager, Tiktok, Twitter platforms,

•Ensuring quality control/standardization of performance campaigns in the relevant unit,

•Providing support to teams in case of issues during campaign processes,

•Tracking performance tool certifications as part of the development of performance teams,

•Ensuring campaign controls.

Marketing Solutions:

We are offering a variety of marketing solutions with the data driven approach. Our aim is creating a tailor-made solution architecture for our customers and implement the required technology.

Job Description:

•Implementing marketing automations and other data driven marketing platforms,

•Data source integrations such as website, mobile app, CRM, database, API,

•Channel based integrations such as e-mail, SMS, push, Whatsapp, chatbots etc,

•Cross platform ID management & data enrichment.

Required Skills & Experience:

  • Having a passion for the digital world,
  • An analytical thinker with growth mindset and innovative approach,
  • A cross-functional and proactive team member, a real go-getter,
  • Able to work 3 days a week,
  • Senior students (3rd or 4th year),
  • Advanced level English.

Başvuru için: https://toptalent.co/ingage-digilab-115099


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