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Panera Tech – Saha Mühendisi

Panera Tech

We are looking for highly motivated Field Engineers and Field Technicians to serve as a dedicated expert for our customers in the glass and steel industry. In this role, you will perform onsite data-collection using our sensor products and be responsible for the installation of PaneraTech Polaris sensors and performance of Smartmelter inspections on multiple glass furnaces in different customer plants. You will ensure efficiency and accuracy regarding safety and maintenance of our customers’ critical assets. This is a remote position that will require travel to our customers in Turkey.

Who We Are

PaneraTech, Inc., strives to be one of the most innovative technology companies in the world, developing unique solutions that far surpass expectations. We help heavy manufacturing industries reliably make more product with their critical assets.

Many heavy manufacturing industries such as steel, glass, cement, copper, and aluminum use high temperature processing to melt materials. They rely on critical assets to melt tons of these materials in a day. These industries have relied on the experience of employees who would work for 20-30 years in one plant to manage this process. Now that this experienced generation is retiring away, what we do is bridge this experience gap with technology, data and expertise. We offer solutions to our customers to make their process more data-driven so that a young inexperienced workforce can flourish.

Our core technologies include industrial sensor solutions and data analytics, accelerating the industry 4.0 revolution. With our patented solution in the glass and steel industry, we help manufacturers in over 40 countries make data-driven decisions using sensors, data, and AI.

Working at PaneraTech

Here at PaneraTech, you will become a part of a global, innovative, and hybrid working team. In this collaborative and inspiring culture that is fostered by a creative and intellectually stimulating work environment, you will be encouraged to bring the best out of yourself and your colleagues.

We are evolving, growing fast, improving our services, and increasing our workforce day by day! So we are extremely open for excited colleagues who are willing to work in a fast-paced environment, could not wait to excel in their work and crazy about improvement! We recognize our colleagues’ achievements here and both individual and team performance is valuable to us.

Key Responsibilities

  • Providing installation and maintenance of our sensor products at glass and steel manufacturing facilities,
  • Installing Polaris equipment maintained by PaneraTech in various field locations,
  • Performing routine maintenance on sensor equipment,
  • Documenting installation and repairs,
  • Carrying out a comprehensive SmartMelter inspection of glass furnaces,
  • Observing, abiding by and enforceing the company’s health & safety policies,
  • Presenting a professional image to customers in all forms of communication,
  • Developing and maintaining good working relationships with customers ensuring punctuality and professionalism,
  • Reporting to Field Engineering Manager on progress or delays,
  • Completing site tasks and activities as required.


  • Associate Degree,
  • Strong customer service skills,
  • Able to work in hot conditions and meet the sensory demands of work,
  • Able to adapt to various industrial working environments and solve problems quickly,
  • Prone to teamwork, high communication skills,
  • Detail-oriented, successful in providing appropriate information flow,
  • The ability to travel and willing to have a flexible work schedule.


  • Competitive monthly net salary,
  • Private health insurance,
  • 18 days holiday per annum,
  • A transparent work environment,
  • An agile structure that values open communication and instant feedback,
  • Training opportunities,
  • A global and diverse team dedicated to improving the company and every single colleague within.

Başvuru için: https://toptalent.co/paneratech-saha-muhendisi-116072


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