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Tomarok Mühendislik ve Danışmanlık Staj – Stajyer Mühendis

Tomarok Mühendislik ve Danışmanlık


We are looking for Electric-Electronic students or no experienced graduates interested in an internship for a long-term with our Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering design team. We encourage you to apply and become a member of the Tomarok Engineering Team!

The key duties and responsibilities for this role include:
Perform electrical – Instrumentation & Control engineering under the supervision of a senior engineer, including, but not limited to:
load calculations, single line diagrams, wiring diagrams, lighting design, grounding design, and industrial plant design instruments and I/O lists.

The learning objectives for this role include:
Expose students to all aspects of an electrical engineering job in a full-service design engineering office.
Involve students in practical design work, expanding on their subject-specific knowledge obtained in the college curriculum.
Expose students to the non-course related side of a design office engineering position.

Change for obtaining experience in a living Project environment.

To be a partner in a design stage of an ongoing project.

Job Requirements:
Currently enrolled in a university, seeking a 3rd or 4th-year student or baccalaureate, master’s, in Electrical Engineering with a concentration or interest in industrial electrical, instrumentation and control systems

2-D drafting experience with Autocad preferred

Knowledge of discipline-based software or package programs


Experience with MS Office Package programs
(For baccalaureate or Master’s degree candidates ) Have a declared degree and major appropriate for the position
Minimum limited working proficiency in English ( a second foreign language will be an asset)

Strong analytical and multi-task skills 

Strong verbal and written communication skills 

Structured, independent, and solution-oriented way of working

Advanced time management and organization skills

Open for Balmumcu- Beşiktaş-Istanbul (European side) Location

Will be able to work min. 3 days/week

Başvuru Yap: https://www.kariyer.net/is-ilani/tomarok-muhendislik-ve-danismanlik-stajyer-muhendis-3300934


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