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Telesure – Stajyer


Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage, Telesure©
England base on Telesure Insurance is an insurance and reinsurance brokerage that meets the needs of
businesses and individuals with its global reach, strong capital structure and sectoral experience.
With 500 offices and 25,000 industry professionals globally, it meets the insurance needs of our
customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; We offer risk management and insurance consultancy,
damage and operation management services. We are able to respond to both local and global insurance
needs of our customers in different geographies where they operate; We strive to create a continuous
service network by providing reinsurance support to these markets when necessary.

Join our Internship Program
We seek to anforce the work lives of university students in 3rd & 4th grades or master’s students by
enrolling them in Internship Program.
Telesure Internship is designed to enable undergraduates pursing a Bachelors or Masters degree to
prepare work experience as the foundation of their professional lives.
Our internship program will give you insights and experience into the processes, systems and practices of
insurances and re-insurances. During your internship you will be supported by a buddy and your
manager who will ensure that you have a valuable learning experience.

Who you are
Graduate or 3rd or 4th grade stundent in Business Administration, Mathematics, Statistics, Actuary,
insurance business etc.
Want to start their career with Insurance and Reinsurance
Flexible and open to new perspectives
Preferably good verbal and written skills in English
Knowlege and user experience in MS Office Applications.

About Role Descriptions
Suppoerting the some processes as like reporting department to department
Working with different department
Networking internal enterprise customers and partners on global.
Learning internal and external process about ınsurance and reinsurance
Participate in customers and partners meetings,
Reports to meeting notes
Follow to documens and records about insurance policies in the digital platforms

Başvuru için: https://toptalent.co/telesure-stajyer-118802


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